5 Essential Items To Have In Your Summer Wardrobe

June 20, 2017 
A guide to the must-haves of men's summer fashion.
We've all been there, you have a closet full of cotton oxfords, denim and sweaters, but then summer comes along and you realize that dressing well in the heat is more intimidating than it seems. How can you dress well when you need to stay comfortable? How can you put together an outfit when the only items fit for summer are cotton t-shirts, shorts and shoes?

The secret? Its in small details. Find out the 5 essential items to have in your closet this summer that will create endless mix and match combinations to suit comfortable but stylish looks all summer long. 

1. The Boat Shoe 

Yes- you did not read that wrong; one of the hottest summer trends are the classic Sperry Boat Shoes. Invented in the early 20th century so sailors would not slip on their slippery boat deck, the boat shoe slowly became a summer fashion trend for the classic gentlemen. 

The boat shoe is an important piece of footwear for those summer outfits. The beauty of them is that they can be worn with both casual and business casual outfits.

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2. The Linen Shirt 

The essential summer rule for men's fashion? Be comfortable but don't look TOO comfortable.

When the heat and humidity are evident, choosing a muscle tank, or cotton t-shirt is normally the choice you go for. However, linen is one of the best warm weather fabrics and is often dismissed by many. Not only is it thin and breathable, but it also looks very classy; Both stylish and comfortable for those hot summer days.  

Check out Tommy Bahama "Sea Glass Linen Popover" 

3. Fashion Sharp Sunglasses 

One essential accessory for the summer? Sunglasses. 

We aren't talking about sport performance shades like Oakley's; We are referencing to those stylish and "sharp" looking shades that will dress up any summer outfit. Investing in a good pair of shades is essential for your summer wardrobe. Look for "Aviator" style sun glasses. They are great to wear for both a brunch with your date or summer work functions. Not only are they a universal style of shades but you can pair them with almost any outfit. 

Check out the classic Aviators by Rayban

4. The Summer Cologne 

It all comes down to the scent notes. Yes there is such a thing as a "summer cologne". Deep scents like wood, leather and tobacco are best for the fall and winter but for the summer light notes such as orange, lemon, vanilla and honey are fresh and crisp. These are often labeled as "Sport Fragrances".

Check out "Nautica Voyage by Nautica" 


5. Light Coloured Ties 

Looking for work appropriate accessories for the upcoming summer months? Consider purchasing light coloured ties to pair with your favourite button down. Believe it or not floral prints are in this summer and a classic but fun-looking tie is perfect for the summer. 

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