A Gentlemen’s Guide On How To Dress For Summer Weddings


June 14, 2017 

Dressing for a wedding can be complicated, especially when different seasons call for different outfits. From pocket squares to ties and all the way down to the socks, we’ve highlighted some tips and tricks on how to dress for those upcoming summer wedding parties.

1. Lighter colours and fabrics are those details that are imperative

Although the day carries a conservative dress code, this does not mean that attention to detail needs to be put at bay. Don’t miss out on upgrading your look by adding some bright details to your conservative outfit. Stick to long-sleeve cotton Oxford or poplin shirts. White is completely timeless and can be matched with any coloured tie. For that burst of colour this summer, try a sky blue, mint green or lavender coloured tie.

2. Small details are important to looking polished

 From your top to your toes, looking polished is extremely important for these big day events. Ensure that you polish your shoes to a mirror finish, as every gentleman should and your trousers are hemmed at the correct length. Always ensure your suit jacket is tailored correctly and is not rough around the edges. Your shoulders should be neatly cut and sleeves should be at a perfect length showing at least an inch of your shirt cuff. Paying attention to these small details will ensure an overall polished look.

3. Summer-weight blazers

 Many summer wedding receptions are held outdoors (if weather permitting) a lightweight summer blazer is the perfect item to discover for those humid summer days. Instead of wool, choose linen and cotton mixes – they are more breathable and comfortable even on the warmest of days.

4. Your shoes and socks complete your outfit

 I don’t think we can stress how important shoes and socks are in completing a formal outfit. Patterned socks have been a hot topic recently in men’s fashion and are a small detail to an outfit, but also inhibit a personal touch. We would suggest matching the colour of your tie, pocket square and socks to create a completed look.


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