The ESTBLSH Guide: What To Wear On A First Date

Whether you met someone on Bumble, in line at the grocery store, or by faking a royal identity like in a romantic comedy, you're going to want to look FRESH for your first date with them. While the more popular time for a day is the evening into the night, a daytime date can help keep things casual. Opting for a daytime date means keeping your look as casual as the date itself. A walk in the park, a trip to a cafe, or bookstore, or perhaps a local art gallery are all options with similar essential outfit items. 

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There is also the option to go for the classic dinner and a movie. Regardless of your choice in time or activity, you're going to need to look the part. Let's go for a head to toe look:

HEAD: Be sure to style your hair, or go bold with a hat. A pork pie hat allows you to go more subtle with your outfit and focus on the hat and jacket. There is also, of course, the beanie route, which is better suited for a daytime date. 

TOP/SHIRT: Your best bet is either a classic toned V-neck (black, white, or grey), or a collared shirt. With the dress/collar shirt options you can play around with textures, and patterns for a fun look. Denim fabric, or perhaps a paisley pattern pair well with cardigans too. There is always the classic Canadian flannel shirt too, but I would veer from that for a first date. The good part about these two options for tops is that both can be paired with a sports jacket or cardigan. The fancier route with a dress shirt and jacket is the ability pair it with a matching tie and pocket square. 

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BOTTOMS: Neutrally toned trousers or clean-cut denim only. Keep the bolder tones, and trims for the shirts. 

SHOES: Boots or dress shoes are the way to tie it all together.

You first date look should be something that expresses you, and your own personal style. And if you're panicking on where to start with your shopping, a good first step is an ESTBLSH subscription of course.