The Top 5 Men's Fashion Trends For Winter ’18

As all Game Of Thrones fans are shouting with the temperature dropping drastically WINTER IS COMING. It’s time to get cracking on the top 5 trends in men’s fashion for Winter ‘18.  
5. BEANIES: Not only will this staple item keep your head warm in the colder days, and nights of the white-out season but choosing a bold color such as orange will help contrast a neutrally toned jacket.  The pop of color will be sure to help you stand out in the enviable snowstorms while looking stylish.  
4. CARDIGANS: Perfect for the upcoming holiday parties and cozy nights in the cardigan never goes out of style for Winter. Try swapping out your suit jacket with a cardigan for a more casual look with a dress shirt and tie.  
3. LAYED LEATHERS: Now when I say layered leathers I don’t mean a full leather look. You’ll want to keep a clean look but with styled accents. A David Beckham favourite is leather layers and accessories. A messenger bag, or perhaps a cardigan underneath a leather jacket. You can opt for the vegan leather option as well.  
2. COMMANDO BOOTS: A holy-grail item in a Winter wardrobe to not only keep your feet dry, and warm in the Winter months but keep you looking FRESH. The dress shoe of the colder months is the commando boot and pairs not only with a simple trouser on a casual day with a peacoat but as well as a suit. Although you’ll want to have an alternate pair of let’s say snow or hiking boots to get you through the harsher weather.  
1. SHERPA JACKETS: Stay warm, and stay stylish in the jacket of the season. Corduroy or denim, the go-to for 2018 is set to be this look. With Banana Republic, and Guess both launching their own renditions of the Sherpa jacket there are many other options set to come from Gap, and Forever 21 as well for the season.  

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