Wardrobe Essentials For An ESTBLSH'd Man

Even a minimalist man knows there are essential items you need in your closet. I have my own holy grail items but what does an ESTBLSH'd man need? Let's break it down a bit. 

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A GOOD SUIT: Gentlemen, this is the thing to splurge on. You'll want a good fit and color. This suit can be used for numerous occasions and you can play around with accessories to change it up. I can't emphasize on the fit on the suit enough, do not end up looking like a 90's basketball player at a press conference. 

A SELECTION OF TIES & POCKET SQUARES: This is how you can play with the look of your suit. Ties are also a great way to have fun with color, and pattern. Steer clear of tacky looks. You're going for an ESTBLSH'd look, not Bozo The Clown. Pocket squares can match the color of your tie, or compliment it. 

CUFFLINKS: I'm sure you're thinking "these seem outdated" but a simple pair of crisp cufflinks can really add that last touch to your look. It's the type of accessory people will talk about. 

DRESS SHOES: One-three pairs of good dress shoes will go a long way. Nothing too flashy, but nothing too subtle. Wear what you feel comfortable in but keep the style there. Boots are an option but I would veer towards commando boots to stay within the dress shoe category. 

COLLARED SHIRTS: Once again you get to play with colors, and textures here but you need at least 3, one black and one white in your wardrobe. 

CONFIDENCE: This is your number 1 accessory.